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Dual-Diagnosis in
Los Angeles

Discover our substance abuse & mental health treatment options in Los Angeles at Refine Recovery.

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Introduction to Dual Diagnosis Centers in Los Angeles

Although you may not realize it, addiction affects not just the body, but the mind as well. Mental illnesses can often result as a side effect of addiction. The opposite of this is also true, a person can become addicted by trying to self-medicate for a mental illness. 

That’s why it’s important to have the right care to treat both the addiction and the underlying mental illness that accompanies it. People with underlying mental illness can experience a wide variety of symptoms such as depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder, altered mood, fatigue, restlessness, and more. 

If addiction and mental illness go untreated, there can be fatal consequences. Having the right professional help to cope with mental illness and addiction is crucial to the life and recovery of the person suffering.  

Dual diagnosis is a type of treatment program that addresses both the physical symptoms of addiction and treats the mental illness that occurs as well. Finding a dual diagnosis treatment program in Los Angeles can mean the difference between long-term recovery and relapse. 

Addicts who don’t receive dual diagnosis treatment to deal with an underlying mental health issue are more prone to relapse and may find their mental illness worsen as a result of the side effects of substance abuse. 


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Why Treating Co-Occurring Disorders is Crucial

Addiction is different for everyone, but it is especially different for people that are suffering from a mental health issue, while also dealing with addiction. Most often, the treatment methods that work for an addicted person will not have the same effect on someone who is also experiencing mental health issues. 

Addiction recovery needs to treat both the addiction and the underlying mental health issues to be successful.

Prior to the creation of dual diagnosis programs like those in Los Angeles, it was thought to treat only the addiction and that mental health was not part of the scope of addiction. It was later decided by addiction treatment professionals that treating addiction first and then mental illness separately was the correct procedure. This was known as a sequential treatment. 

The problem with the sequential treatment method is that people with both addiction and mental illness are much more likely to relapse as a result of ongoing medical or addiction-related issues. 

The reason in part for this is because many people seek substance abuse as a means to cope with underlying mental illness and when only one is treated, the cycle continues. 

This is why treating co-occurring disorders using dual diagnosis programs is crucial to long-term recovery and success. 

The first step to understanding dual diagnosis is that addiction is only a part of the problem. By recognizing that mental illness is also a part of the problem and working to treat both concurrently, a greater means of success can be achieved. 

While attending a dual diagnosis program, addicts receive treatment that is different from standard addiction care. This treatment is focused on resolving or managing the mental illness that is also occurring so that they are less likely to fall into a pattern of relapse. 

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Refine Recovery offers a Boutique, Luxury Drug & Alcohol Addiction Treatment Program in Beverly Hills

Refine Recovery is not your typical substance abuse provider. We take a total 360 approach when treating drug & alcohol addiction through the treatment of the mind, body, spirit, and the whole person.

The team at Refine Recovery was hand-picked for their compassion, expertise, and knowledge when it comes to addiction treatment. From our core foundations to our dedicated team, learn more about how Refine Recovery is changing addiction treatment in California and beyond.

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What to Expect From Dual Diagnosis Programs in Los Angeles

Our dual diagnosis program in Los Angeles begins with a thorough evaluation of the client. This includes understanding the addiction, the addictive substance, symptoms that the client is suffering from, as well as a medical workup. After this, we examine the psychological state of the client to determine the exact nature of the mental illness they are suffering from. 

Following both stages of the evaluation, we can then formulate an individualized treatment plan for the client.

A lot of the time, mental illness manifests in the form of personality disorders that alter the mood and behavior of the client, leading them to addictive behavior. This is why we have psychiatrists, psychologists, and other mental health professionals on staff. Our team members are ready to diagnose and treat the personality disorders that are affecting the client’s life. 

Unlike a typical treatment program, which focuses on treating the symptoms of and removing the addictive substance from the client’s body, a dual diagnosis program focuses first on identifying the underlying personality disorders and understanding how they relate to the addiction. Aside from personality disorders, other common co-occurring disorders are depression, anxiety, and PTSD.

Understanding whether the addiction is a side effect of mental illness, or if the mental illness is a side effect of addiction is crucial in making sure our clients receive the proper treatment.

Once the individualized treatment plan is in place, clients can begin treatment using a number of different therapeutic modalities that we have developed specifically for our program. Some of these treatment options include one on one psychiatric therapy, group therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, positive reinforcement through motivational interviewing, dialectical behavioral therapy, and 12-step support groups. 

One of the best forms of treatment we offer is a calm and relaxing environment surrounded by medical professionals and support staff that are there to help our clients on their road to recovery.

We know that stress and anxiety can be major causes of relapse and continued addiction. This is why we work hard to provide our clients with the most comfortable environment possible to reduce stress and allow them to focus solely on treatment. 

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When you arrive at Refine Recovery you’ll be greeted by our warm, friendly, and expert staff. Your treatment begins with an evaluation that will determine the nature of your addiction, any and all underlying mental health issues, including personality disorders, and an understanding of the symptoms and side effects you are suffering from. 

Once we complete your evaluation, we can begin your personalized treatment plan with our highly trained therapists, psychiatrists, and other medical professionals. Your personalized treatment plan will help address a number of mental health issues that can occur in correlation with addiction. These illnesses can include depression, chronic depression, manic episodes, anxiety and stress disorders as well as a post-traumatic stress disorder, and a host of other potential illnesses.  

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