When we think about rehab, most of us think about detox and going to a facility to be treated by counselors and therapists who tell us why we are addicted and what to do about it. While this is usually part of the process, there is so much more to rehab and addiction treatment than just therapy sessions. Many of the best treatment centers now opt for a more holistic approach to treatment that works to treat the mind, body, spirit, and even the environment that created the addiction in an effort to break the cycle and support long-term recovery. 

Refine Recovery is committed to giving our clients all the tools and information they need to achieve and maintain sobriety for the long term. In this post, we are going to discuss how a yoga rehab program works, what yoga addiction treatment is, how it can improve mental health, and how to find yoga therapy programs in Beverly Hills, CA. 


What is Yoga? 

If you’re unsure what yoga is, you’ve probably never seen yoga used in rehab. 

While most of us think of yoga as simply a form of stretching and exercise, there is much more to it. Yoga is best defined as a type of discipline that originates from India. While many may be familiar with the various methods of doing yoga and some of the different poses, there are many ways to practice this discipline. 

The term “yoga” is derived from the Sanskrit term “yuj,” meaning to join or unite. This is because the primary goal of yoga is to join the mind and body through a series of stretching and posing while using key breathing techniques. While we focus on the specific poses and breathing, we are able to calm our mind and become more focused and even self-aware. 

Yoga has many benefits for physical and mental health, which has made it one of the most widely practiced disciplines that have come out of Asia. In fact, yoga is so popular here in the United States that many other forms have come about, such as hot yoga and goat yoga.


How Can Yoga Improve Mental Health? 

Yoga is all about connecting the mind and the body. This, in turn, helps our mental health as well. The breathing techniques taught in yoga, for instance, allow us to remain calm and have more control over ourselves even in stressful situations. 

The meditative qualities of yoga also allow us to stay more grounded and centered and focus on ourselves. We are able to handle day-to-day stress and even traumatic situations better. 

Practicing yoga also helps with mindfulness, understanding ourselves, and how our actions impact not only us but others. Calmness and reflectivity are important parts of stable mental health practices. 

Additionally, making our bodies stronger in the process can help us destress and stop worrying about some of the physical ailments that we may suffer from.


Is Yoga Used in Rehab? 

Yes, many programs that offer a well-rounded or holistic approach to treatment offer yoga as one of their many therapies. As we have discussed, yoga has many benefits for mental and physical wellness. 

In terms of rehab, yoga can be transformative both physically and mentally as it can help heal some of the damage done by addiction. 

As an example, a person can use yoga to improve their core strength, flexibility, and overall physical wellness that they may have lost while addicted to drugs or alcohol. 

Mental health is also an important part of sobriety. The ability to recognize that addiction is a problem and that it is a constant struggle to stay sober is half the battle. Being able to identify triggers that lead to drug use and learning how to deal with them in combination with other treatments can be the difference between long-term recovery and potential relapse.


How to Find Yoga Therapy Programs in Beverly Hills, CA

If yoga therapy sounds like something that would be useful to you in your recovery, then look no further than Refine Recovery. Our Beverly Hills luxury rehab offers a range of treatment options in a calm, relaxing setting that is designed to take your mind away from the struggles of day-to-day life and keep it focused on recovery. 

We offer medically supervised detoxification, inpatient residential care, and aftercare planning for those who want to continue their journey long after treatment. Contact Refine Recovery today to learn more about yoga and holistic methods as a part of our Beverly Hills addiction treatment.

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