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Completing the rehab process is a huge accomplishment for any person suffering from addiction. Completing detox and going through treatment is a great step along the road to recovery. 

However, drug rehab aftercare is the last crucial component to a complete recovery. Having the right support in place once your treatment plan ends can mean the difference between success and a drug or alcohol relapse. 

The plan that is put in place after treatment ends is called an aftercare plan. 

Refine Recovery offers treatment plans that include aftercare so once your therapy is over, you have support ready to carry you onto the next step. Our staff is dedicated to complete recovery, not just treatment. Our philosophy is to help clients build a healthy lifestyle that lasts long after treatment ends. 



Safely quit abusing drugs & alcohol with our detox program, which will provide 24/7 supervision and withdrawal management.


Residential Inpatient

Our luxury residential inpatient program offers world-class amenities and therapies through comprehensive personalized care. 


Unique Therapies

From evidence-based therapies like CBT & MAT to holistic therapies like yoga & meditation we offer a variety of solutions.


Aftercare Planning

Entering treatment is just the beginning of your journey. From outpatient to sober living we set our clients up for success in recovery.

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Refine Recovery offers a Boutique, Luxury Drug & Alcohol Addiction Treatment Program in Beverly Hills

Refine Recovery is not your typical substance abuse provider. We take a total 360 approach when treating drug & alcohol addiction through the treatment of the mind, body, spirit, and the whole person.

The team at Refine Recovery was hand-picked for their compassion, expertise, and knowledge when it comes to addiction treatment. From our core foundations to our dedicated team, learn more about how Refine Recovery is changing addiction treatment in California and beyond.

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What Happens After I Complete Rehab?

This is a question that many clients may have. There is a fear that is present that returning to a normal life after rehab may be difficult, or may ultimately lead to substance abuse again because of the stress and anxiety of daily life. 

After completing detox and then residential inpatient treatment, the treatment of your addiction does not end there. The next step is to find the right aftercare plan to maintain your sobriety over the long term. 

The first step to successful aftercare is finding support options that work for your lifestyle and needs. There are a number of different options available to suit your lifestyle and your addiction treatment needs. Don’t settle for aftercare that doesn’t support you. The path to sustainable recovery includes a personally crafted aftercare plan.

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The Benefits of Aftercare and Continued Treatment

There are a number of benefits to an aftercare plan and continued treatment, but perhaps the most important is continued sobriety. There are a number of factors that can contribute to a person’s likelihood of relapse. Proper aftercare helps to address and deal with these factors, and reduce the likelihood of relapse. 

Clients sometimes feel overwhelmed or lost after treatment ends. Having a program in place can allow a person to gradually return to a normal life while still receiving treatment to help them stay sober. This is particularly true for clients that may have to return to an environment that promoted or facilitated substance abuse in the first place. 

Additionally, anyone who battles ongoing mental illness can benefit from continuing treatment to help manage their mental illness. Without doing so, this person is vulnerable to a relapse.

Outpatient treatment is one of many resources available for recovering addicts to continue receiving the treatment they need to stay sober in a stressful environment. 

Other options include 12 step support groups. These types of support groups are free to join, widely available throughout the United States, and are peer-led. 12 step support groups focus on being able to relate to others and help others stay sober.

One-on-one therapy with a therapist is another great option that makes sure recovering addicts are dealing with stress and anxiety in a healthy way. Seeing a therapist can also help enforce using the tools developed during the initial addiction treatment to cope with problems and avoid relapse. 

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Find Lasting Recovery in Los Angeles County at Refine Recovery

Our goal at Refine Recovery is to build a wellness lifestyle that will last long after treatment ends. We offer only the best and most ethical forms of treatment to help our clients find recovery from addiction.

When it’s time to get the treatment you need, let the caring and compassionate staff at Refine Recovery put together a detox, treatment, and aftercare plan that will help you overcome your addiction. Contact Refine Recovery today. 

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Aftercare Planning in Beverly Hills

At our drug treatment center in Beverly Hills, we offer the best options in aftercare treatment. One of our treatment plan specialists will work with you to create an aftercare plan that is suited to your unique lifestyle requirements and your particular addiction, as no two addictions are alike. 

We offer continued therapy and support with our medical staff as well as a number of community-based options that work with those in your local area to help you continue to recover. 

For clients that have struggled with a serious addiction, part of an aftercare plan may include continued outpatient treatment with one of the many outpatient treatment programs we partner with. During outpatient treatment, you can expect weekly meetings with a therapist in a one-on-one setting. This is the time to discuss any issues that may exist in your life outside of treatment that would impact the progress of recovery. 

Another type of outpatient program is group therapy. Group therapy allows recovering addicts to meet and share experiences with a group of their peers, and to gain understanding from others that are going through similar situations. This type of therapy provides an extra layer of support and can often foster positive relationships that people can turn to in times where they may be tempted to relapse. 

Having a connection with your peers also helps to build a person’s sense of value and self-worth, and promote positive thinking. When doing so, you’ll spend less time reflecting on past behavior that occurred during the course of your addiction. 

Another component of the aftercare plan at Refine Recovery involves facilitating the use of local12 step programs. These types of support groups give recovering addicts the space to be amongst their peers who know what they’re going through. It also provides a sense of community which can bolster self-esteem.

Sponsorship is a key component of 12 step support groups. A sponsor is a person who helps guide someone else through the 12 steps. This person provides one-on-one support for the recovering addict. These programs greatly increase the chances of continued recovery, and reduce the odds of relapse and return to abuse. 


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