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Addiction Therapies

Addiction therapy can seem like an intimidating subject. But have no fear, at Refine Recovery we are dedicated to getting you the help you need to beat your addiction. We are also dedicated to helping you stay on the path of recovery. Addiction recovery is a journey, not a destination.

To help you understand addiction treatment, what it means and how it helps, we’re going to break down the parts of the addiction therapy process as well as the options available to help get and stay healthy. 

We know that addiction is a life-changing disease and that getting help can be difficult. That’s why we’re here to help. 


Detoxification Program

Safely quit abusing drugs & alcohol with our detox program, which will provide 24/7 supervision and withdrawal management.


Residential Inpatient

Our luxury residential inpatient program offers world-class amenities and therapies through comprehensive personalized care. 


Unique Therapies

From evidence-based therapies like CBT & MAT to holistic therapies like yoga & meditation we offer a variety of solutions.


Aftercare Planning

Entering treatment is just the beginning of your journey. From outpatient to sober living we set our clients up for success in recovery.

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Our Addiction Therapy Options

We believe in therapy options that are individualized for each client and focused on our five core principles: Honesty, Compassion, Respect, Service, and Love. Everything that we do at Refine Recovery embodies these principles and is designed to not only help you recover from addiction but to lead an overall healthier life. 


Before the client begins their treatment program, we start with an in-depth evaluation of their addiction, the symptoms and behaviors, and any underlying issues that may accompany their substance use. 

In some cases, clients will move on to a standard therapy plan to treat their addiction. However, if found that mental illness is also part of the addiction, clients will move from evaluation into our dual diagnosis program. 

Dual diagnosis is different from standard therapy in that it is designed to treat both addiction and mental illness, and personality disorders at the same time. This allows clients who suffer from both to achieve full recovery. 


Each client’s stay begins with a custom-tailored detoxification program that is done in our safe and relaxing environment while being overseen by our medical staff. The detox process typically lasts between 5-7 days depending on medical need and is done to remove the addictive substance from the client’s body. 

Detox can often be the most harrowing part of addiction therapy. The symptoms that accompany withdrawal from an addictive substance can range from mild nausea and fatigue to severe and life-threatening symptoms like depression, suicidal tendencies, and seizures. Withdrawal symptoms are different for everyone and depend on the substance they’re addicted too. Detoxing at a professional facility such as Refine Recovery is the safest way to rid the body of drugs and alcohol. 

Residential Inpatient Care 

Once detox is complete, treatment can begin at our facility where clients will stay in our luxurious accommodations for lengths ranging from 20-30 days depending on the needs of the client.

While staying at our facility, clients will receive the most up-to-date addiction therapies and treatments, as well as all the support they need to stay sober. 

Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy 

One of our primary types of addiction therapy is cognitive-behavioral therapy. The purpose of this therapy is to work with the client to change and correct negative thoughts and actions. 

We know that many factors can cause a person to abuse a substance. Cognitive-behavioral therapy works to treat the underlying issues that may lead to substance abuse. These can be negative mindsets, self-doubt, negative habits that provoke use or distortions in thinking and rationalization. 

Instead of using drugs or alcohol, CBT teaches a person to properly regulate their emotions so that they don’t become overwhelmed by stressful situations that would normally lead to substance use. 

We then work with the client to develop personal coping strategies to help deal with the day-to-day life factors that may inevitably lead to substance abuse or relapse. 

Dialectical Behavioral Therapy

Another type of cognitive-behavioral therapy is dialectical behavioral therapy. This type of therapy focuses on clients that have issues with their psychological well-being. 

The purpose of DBT is to help a person improve their self-image by focusing on positive reinforcement. This type of therapy is often used to help clients with personality disorders and suicidal thoughts or ideations. 

DBT teaches clients to focus on the present and living date today. Clients are taught positive behaviors to replace negative ones.

Motivational Interviewing 

Motivational Interviewing is a type of counseling that clients may undergo while attending our program. It is designed to focus on the client’s current behavior in comparison with their ‘normal’ non-addiction behavior. 

There are 5 principles that form the foundation of motivational interviewing. The treatment is performed by engaging in sessions with a counselor where the counselor will use reflective listening to learn about the client’s behavior patterns and express empathy while building self-efficacy and optimism. 

This is done in a non-confrontational, no conflict environment so that the client can slowly learn to overcome negative behaviors in a supportive way. This focuses on empathizing and resolving rather than negating and blaming. 

We feel that this positive approach will have a long term effect on the mindset of the client as they continue to overcome their struggle with addiction 

12 Step Facilitation 

12 Step facilitation connects clients with support groups to help them recover over the long term. 12 step support groups provide addicts with connections to other recovering addicts, counselors, and assistance programs. 

One well-known example of a 12 step support group is Alcoholics Anonymous. AA is designed to mentor and support recovery through peer mentorship. 

With the help of the many different 12 step programs available, clients can continue to receive care and support even after their stay at the treatment center ends. This is part of the many aftercare services we provide to help our clients stay sober after they have left our facility. 

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Refine Recovery offers a Boutique, Luxury Drug & Alcohol Addiction Treatment Program in Beverly Hills

Refine Recovery is not your typical substance abuse provider. We take a total 360 approach when treating drug & alcohol addiction through the treatment of the mind, body, spirit, and the whole person.

The team at Refine Recovery was hand-picked for their compassion, expertise, and knowledge when it comes to addiction treatment. From our core foundations to our dedicated team, learn more about how Refine Recovery is changing addiction treatment in California and beyond.

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How Our Therapies Help With Addiction

Now that you’ve read a little bit about the addiction therapies we offer, it’s important to know how these therapies can help with you or your loved ones addiction. 

Starting with detox, the body begins to remove the harmful substances that were ingested. Once the body is clear of drugs and alcohol, talk therapies begin which helps repair negative behavior and facilitate positive growth. 

At Refine Recovery, we work to treat both the physical manifestations of addiction as well as the psychological, spiritual, and social aspects. By building client confidence and self-reliance, we can help them to reforge broken social bonds and readjust to a better day-to-day life. 

During our therapies, we also teach effective techniques for dealing with stressful situations, so that clients are less likely to relapse due to outside factors. 

This holistic, well-rounded approach leads to higher success rates and better long-term health after addiction. 

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Restart Your Life With Refine Recovery

Refine Recovery’s approach to treating addiction is not just for our clients. Our beliefs are for everyone involved in the process; from our staff, medical personnel, clients, visitors, family, and friends. 

We believe in treatment that heals the whole person and not just the addiction. Addiction can be a life-changing experience that can do a lot of harm to a person’s relationships, body, mind, and sense of self-worth and belonging. If you or someone you know is suffering with the disease of addiction, contact Refine Recovery and let us help you restart your life and begin again on the path to wellness! 

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